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Cologne Shaker Beech

Cologne Shaker Ivory


Cologne Beech Kitchen
The unusual shaped island unit compete with granite worktop creates a strong focal point in this
elegant beech shaker kitchen.With comfortable barstools, it is the perfect place to
relax and enjoy a nice meal at the end of a busy day

Cologne Ivory Kitchen
Ivory shaker doors have a broad appeal in that they can look equally well in country, classic or
even contemporary settings. In this kitchen, the chunky modern handles, designer lighting,
granite worktops and stylish taps create a look that is fresh, young and modern.


Cologne Shaker Dakar and Amfissa

Cologne Shaker Celtic Birch

  Cologne Kitchen Dakar and Amfissa Kitchen
Adding a new perspective on the old French farmhouse look, Cologne shaker is a tour de force
in kitchen design.With details a plenty, notice the understated cornice work, the glazed cabinets
and the gently moulded curves of the island unit.

Cologne Celtic Birch Kitchen


Cologne Shaker Maple

Cologne Shaker Natural Calvados


Cologne Maple Kitchen


Cologne Natural Calvados Kitchen  

Houston Shaker Pippy Oak

Tuscany Shaker Dark Walnut


Houston Pippy Oak Kitchen
The Houston Pippy Oak doors feature wide stiles and rails with chamfered corners. The mesh door
insets, sliding shutter and stainless steel corner unit all add a subtle contemporary feel to
this classic kitchen. Very much a style that would suit a wide range of settings.

Tuscany Dark Walnut Kitchen
Indulgent Dark Walnut, this 5-piece PVC wrapped door begs a second look to tell it apart from real wood.
This strong walnut grain runs horizontally in the top and bottom rail just like a solid wood door.
Industrial style flooring and a Japanese screen creates a modern chic look.

Tuscany Shaker Ivory

Tuscany Shaker Light Oak

  Tuscany Ivory Kitchen
This cleverly designed 'curved' kitchen would suit both spacious or as is the case here, more
modestly sized kitchens. It also shows that a stylish cooker over mantle can work extremely
well in smaller kitchens.
Tuscany Light Oak Kitchen  
  Tuscany Shaker Medium Walnut    
  Tuscany Medium Walnut Kitchen
The versatile yet elegant Tuscany medium walnut kitchen has a very broad appeal.
The warmth of the walnut tones in this 5-piece door are pleasing to the eye.
Subtle touches of pale blue add depth and interest to the d├ęcor

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