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Are you ready to embrace the cutting-edge of kitchen design? Look no further than our stunning range of ultra-modern kitchens, where form meets function in the most innovative and stylish way. Elevate your cooking experience and transform your home into a sleek and sophisticated space with these ultra-modern marvels.

Sleek Minimalism, Unmatched Elegance

Our ultra-modern kitchens are the epitome of sleek minimalism, boasting clean lines and a clutter-free aesthetic. Every element is thoughtfully designed to create an uncluttered, spacious, and inviting atmosphere. Ultra high-gloss reflective surfaces and super tactile finishes complemented by polished chrome accents contribute to the overall sense of elegance, giving your kitchen a luxurious, high-end feel.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Let our designers help you step into the future with state-of-the-art kitchen technology. Integrated smart systems and advanced appliances will streamline your cooking process, making meal preparation an absolute pleasure. From touch-controlled induction cooktops to Wi-Fi-enabled smart refrigerators and beyond, you’ll experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency at your fingertips.

Innovative Storage Solutions

Say goodbye to kitchen chaos! Our ultra-modern kitchens are intelligently designed to maximize storage space while maintaining a seamless appearance. Innovative solutions like hidden cabinets, pull-out drawers, and customizable organizers ensure that your utensils, cookware, and ingredients are always neatly tucked away but easily accessible when you need them.

Aesthetics Meets Functionality

We believe that functionality should never come at the expense of aesthetics. With our ultra-modern kitchens, you get the best of both worlds. Each element is carefully curated to complement the overall design while serving a practical purpose. You’ll be inspired to unleash your culinary creativity in an environment that marries beauty and functionality flawlessly.  Be the envy of family and friends while you cook and entertain in your ultra-stylish, ultra-modern Kitchen.

Environmentally Conscious

We care about our planet, and our ultra-modern kitchens reflect that commitment. Energy-efficient appliances and sustainable materials are key components of our designs. Enjoy a guilt-free cooking experience knowing that your kitchen is contributing to a greener future.

Personalized to Perfection

We understand that every homeowner’s taste is unique. That’s why we offer a range of customization options to tailor your ultra-modern kitchen to your specific preferences. Choose from a palette of contemporary colors, select premium countertop materials, and add your signature style to create a kitchen that is truly your own.

Transform Your Home Today

Experience the allure of the future with our ultra-modern kitchens. Redefine the heart of your home. Embrace innovation, sophistication, and functionality like never before. Step into the future with us and create a kitchen that inspires awe and envy.

Don’t wait—explore our ultra-modern kitchen collection now and transform your cooking space into a masterpiece of modern design.

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Phoenix Acrylic Ultra-Gloss Detailed Door Edge Kitchen. Ultra Modern Style in 3 different colours. One wall in full height units in White, Another wall of tall units with built in oven in Anthracite and a long narrow kitchen island with Deep drawers in Denim with overhanging worktop for seating

PHOENIX from £2,000 incl. VAT

16 Ultra Gloss & Metallic Finishes

Acrylic Faced MDF

18mm Thick

Glass Effect Slab Style

Tribeca Ultra Modern Kitchen shown with True Handleless rail system. Run of full height units in Porcelain with built in oven and a kitchen island with cupboards in Marine Blue

TRIBECA from £1,993 incl.VAT

15 Serica Superior Matt Colours

Matching or Multiplex Edging Options

18mm Thick

Silky Smooth Soft Touch Finish Slab Style

Soho Edged Ultra Modern Kitchen in Black Pietra Grigia Marble effect and Dust Grey.

SOHO from £2,113 incl. VAT

9 Marble, Natural Stone Effects & Colours

Choice of Edging Options

18mm Thick

Perfect Sense Matt Finished Slab Style

Vaasa Ultra Modern kitchen with Halifax Oak base units an white gloss square wall units and a run of full height units with built in oven in white gloss. Kitchen shown with handleless rail system

VAASA from £1,586 incl. VAT

36 Matt, Material & Gloss Colours Available

Embossed Textures and Tactile Finishes

18mm Thick

Slab Style

Mather ultra modern kitchen. Detailed specialist door edges. Shown in woodgrain legno stone grey

MATHER from £1,658 incl. VAT

14 MFC Woodgrain Effect Colours

Embossed, Tactile Finishes

18mm Thick

Painted Legno Grain Embossed Slab Style