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Corner Base Units

*All our carcases can be Colour Matched at no additional cost.

Hi Line Corner Base Unit

Hi-Line Corner Base Units

CodeSizeWidthHeightPriceRequires Door Size
HCB80P80cm Corner Base800720104.40715/395
HCB90P90cm Corner Base900720108.00715/445
HCB100P100cm Corner Base1000720109.20715/495
HCB110P110cm Corner Base1100720114.00715/545
HCB120P120cm Corner Base1200720117.60715/595
Drawer Line Corner Base (Soft Close)

Drawer Line Corner Base Units (Soft Close)

Code SizeWidthHeightPriceRequires Door Size
DCB80S80cm Corner Base DL800720152.40140/395 + 570/395
DCB90S90cm Corner Base DL900720159.60140/445 + 570/445
DCB100S100cm Corner Base DL1000720163.20140/495 + 570/495
DCB110S110cm Corner Base DL1100720168.00140/545 + 570/545
DCB120S120cm Corner Base DL1200720175.20140/595 + 570/595
L Corner Base

L Corner Base Units

Code SizeWidthHeightPriceRequires Door Size
BCC9090cm L Corner Base900*900720160.80715/308 + 715/320
BCC100100cm L Corner Base1000*1000720176.40715/408 + 715/420
BCC110110cm L Corner Base1100*1100720200.40715/458 + 715/470
BCC‐MTOL Corner Base SpecialCorner Base Special201.60MTO