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Corner Wall Units

*All our carcases can be Colour Matched at no additional cost.

Panel Corner Wall Units

Panel Corner Wall Units

CPW80‐780cm Panel Corner Wall80072082.80
CPW90‐790cm Panel Corner Wall90072088.80
CPW80‐980cm Panel Corner Wall80090091.20
CPW90‐990cm Panel Corner Wall90090096.00
CPW80‐580cm Panel Corner Wall800360/57575.60
CPW90‐590cm Panel Corner Wall900360/57581.60
Angled Corner Wall Units

Angled Corner Wall Units

CodeSizeWidthHeightPriceRequires Door Size
CW60‐760cm Angled Corner Wall600720115.20715/395
CW60‐560cm Angled Corner Wall600575104.40570/395
CW60‐960cm Angled Corner Wall600900127.20895/395
L-Shaped Corner Wall Unit

L Shaped Corner Wall Units

Code Size Width Height Price Requires Door Size
CWL60‐7 60cm L Corner Wall 600 720 118.80 715/295 + 715/270
CWL60‐5 60cm L Corner Wall 600 575 108.00 570/295 + 570/270
CWL60‐9 60cm L Corner Wall 600 900 132.00 8959/295 + 895/270