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Wall Units

* All our carcases can be Colour Matched at no additional cost.

Wall Units (720mm)

Wall Units 720mm

Code SizeWidthHeightPriceRequires Door Size
W15‐715cm Wall Carcase15072038.00715/145
W30‐730cm Wall Carcase30072039.00715/295
W35‐735cm Wall Carcase35072041.00715/345
W40‐740cm Wall Carcase40072042.00715/395
W45‐745cm Wall Carcase45072045.00715/445
W50‐750cm Wall Carcase50072048.00715/495
W55‐755cm Wall Carcase55072049.00715/545
W60‐760cm Wall Carcase60072050.00715/595
W60‐7MTOSingle Wall SpecialMTOMTO56.00MTO
W70‐770cm Wall Carcase70072063.00(2) ‐ 715/345
W80‐780cm Wall Carcase80072064.00(2) ‐ 715/395
W90‐790cm Wall Carcase90072067.00(2) ‐ 715/445
W100‐7100cm Wall Carcase100072070.00(2) ‐ 715/495
W110‐7110cm Wall Carcase110072074.00(2) ‐ 715/545
W120‐7120cm Wall Carcase120072078.00(2) ‐ 715/595
W120‐7MTODouble Wall SpecialMTOMTO87.00(2) ‐ MTO
Wall Units (900mm)

Wall Units 900mm

Code PriceWidthHeightPriceRequires Door Size
W15‐915cm Wall Carcase15090050.40895/145
W30‐930cm Wall Carcase30090054.00895/295
W35‐935cm Wall Carcase35090055.20895/345
W40‐940cm Wall Carcase40090057.60895/395
W45‐945cm Wall Carcase45090058.80895/445
W50‐950cm Wall Carcase50090062.40895/495
W55‐955cm Wall Carcase55090063.60895/545
W60‐960cm Wall Carcase60090066.00895/595
W60‐9MTOSingle Wall SpecialMTOMTO74.40MTO
W70‐970cm Wall Carcase70090084.00MTO
W80‐980cm Wall Carcase80090085.20(2) ‐ 895/395
W90‐990cm Wall Carcase90090088.80(2) ‐  895/445
W100‐9100cm Wall Carcase100090092.40(2) ‐ 895/495
W110‐9110cm Wall Carcase1100900100.80(2) ‐ 895/545
W120‐9120cm Wall Carcase1200900104.40(2) ‐ 895/595
W120‐9MTODouble Wall SpecialMTOMTO114.00(2) ‐ MTO
Wall Units (360mm & 575mm)

Wall Units 360mm & 575mm

CodeSizeWidthHeightPriceRequires Door Size
W30‐530cm Wall Carcase300360/57543.20570/295
W35‐535cm Wall Carcase350360/57545.60570/345
W40‐540cm Wall Carcase400360/57546.80570/395
W45‐545cm Wall Carcase450360/57549.20570/445
W50‐550cm Wall Carcase500360/57550.40570/495
W55‐555cm Wall Carcase550360/57554.00570/545
W60‐560cm Wall Carcase600360/57555.20570/595
W60‐5MTOSingle Wall SpecialMTOMTO60.00MTO
W70‐570cm Wall Carcase700360/57568.40(2) ‐ 570/345
W80‐580cm Wall Carcase800360/57570.80(2) ‐ 570/395
W90‐590cm Wall Carcase900360/57574.40(2) ‐ 570/445
W100‐5100cm Wall Carcase1000360/57579.20(2) ‐ 570/495
W110‐5110cm Wall Carcase1100360/57580.40(2) ‐ 570/545
W120‐5120cm Wall Carcase1200360/57585.20(2) ‐ 570/595
W120‐5MTODouble Wall SpecialMTOMTO93.60(2) ‐ MTO
Wall Units for lift up doors

Wall Units for Lift Up Doors

Code SizeWidthHeightPriceRequires Door Size
W30‐7L30cm Wall Carcase30072074.40(2) ‐ 355/295
W35‐7L35cm Wall Carcase35072076.80(2) ‐ 355/345
W40‐7L40cm Wall Carcase40072079.20(2) ‐ 355/395
W45‐7L45cm Wall Carcase45072082.80(2) ‐ 355/445
W50‐7L50cm Wall Carcase50072087.60(2) ‐ 355/495
W55‐7L55cm Wall Carcase55072091.20(2) ‐ 355/545
W60‐7L60cm Wall Carcase60072092.40(2) ‐ 355/595
W70‐7L70cm Wall Carcase700720105.60(2) ‐ 355/695
W80‐7L80cm Wall Carcase800720114.00(2) ‐ 355/795
W90‐7L90cm Wall Carcase900720116.40(2) ‐ 355/895
W100‐7L100cm Wall Carcase1000720122.40(2) ‐ 355/995
W110‐7L110cm Wall Carcase1100720133.20(2) ‐ 355/1095
W120‐7L120cm Wall Carcase1200720142.80(2) ‐ 355/1195

Wall Wine Rack

Code SizeWidthHeightPrice
WR15‐715cm Wine Rack Wall16072085.20
WR30‐730cm Wine Rack Wall30072094.80
WR15‐515cm Wine Rack Wall16057575.60
WR30‐530cm Wine Rack Wall30057581.60
WR15‐915cm Wine Rack Wall16090091.20
WR30‐930cm Wine Rack Wall30090098.40
WR30‐7P30cm Wine Rack Wall PX300720141.60
WR30‐5P30cm Wine Rack Wall PX30057594.80
WR30‐9P30cm Wine Rack Wall PX300900223.20